website and mobile application design and development

What We Do

Do you want a website to help your business grow?
Do you want your current website be viewed easily on
mobile phones and tablets?
Do you have an idea for a mobile application?

NLA Development can design and create a website for your business or personal needs, update or maintain your current website, or make your mobile app idea a reality. We will discuss with you the overall purpose of your website, what type of content you want displayed, a design and layout to use, and what your needs are for future website maintanence.

Overall purpose:

  • Your website or app has a goal/purpose. What kind of content will help accomplish these goals?
  • Business or personal?
  • Static images and copy for informational purposes?
  • Retail? Ecommerce?
  • User login and registration?
  • Easily add, update, and remove website data or content?

Design and layout:

  • Choose a theme from as your design. Any theme you choose can be modified to fit your website needs. This includes colors, fonts, layout of elements, etc.
  • Have you seen a website design on other websites that you like? We can brainstorm together to create a custom design based on these designs you have seen and your own ideas.
  • Already have a designer? No problem! We can work together to create the perfect look-and-feel of your website.


  • All websites are built to respond to different device sizes, including: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers
  • For websites that store and keep track of data (user login, ecommerce, and more), an administrative panel will be built to make updates and maintanence easy.
  • Looking specifically for a WordPress website for easy website maintanence? If desired, we can create your website with WordPress or we can discuss an alternate CMS.


The majority of our projects include website and mobile applications for local businesses.


Let's start discussing your website or mobile application ideas and needs!
If you have questions or inquiries, please send an email to the address below.

NLA Development

Nicole Auberry, Web Developer

Orange County, California